Cor Pulmonale

Cor Pulmonale

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Scleroderma Pulmonary Hypertension and Right Heart Failure

This 32 year old female has scleroderma and her disease is characterized by interstitial basal lung disease (a,b) with normal anterior lung fields and fibrotic posterior lung fields, enlargement of right heart structures (maroon in d), pericardial effusion (light yellow in d), pleural effusions (dark yellow in d) and an edematous wall (orange, in f) of the gallbladder (lumen is green).  As a result of her lung disease she developed pulmonary hypertension, right heart failure and tricuspid regurgitation and this lead to the gallbladder edema.

30464c08 32 Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD

The Enlarged Pulmonary Artery indicating Pulmonary Hypertension

30464c12 32 female lungs pleura heart cardiac RA RV right ventricle right atrium pericardium esophagus ILD basal interstitial lung disease pericardial effusion pleural effusion cardiomegaly enlarged esophagus patulous esophagus gallbladder wall edema congestive cardiac failure RHF right heart failure rifht ventricular enlargement RVE RAE right atrial enlargement pulmonary hypertension cor pulmonale dx scleroderma Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD


This is an image of an emphysematous lung. Note the larger air spaces where the septae between the alveoli, alveolar sacsalveolar ducts and respiratory bronchioles have been broken down. 19932e code lung pulmonary artery pulmonary vein bronchus emphysema bulla bullous mechanical grosspathology

Emphysema of the Lung

This is a CT exapmle of centrilobular emphysema, best exemplified in the left lung anteriorly. Not e the pulmonary artery with accompanying bronchus cousing to the periphery with areas of alveolar wall destruction around the bronchovascular bundle. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 32169 code lung pulmonary bronchus pulmonary artery centrilobular emphysema imaging radiology CTscan

Emphysema of the Lung

This high resolution image of the lung shows early cetrilobular emphysema in the right upper lobe. This degree of emphysema may be seen in a patient who smakes in their early 50’s or in an elderly patient as age related change in their 70’s or 80’s who has not smoked. Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD. 01b 32170 code lung pulmonary bronchus pulmonary artery centrilobular emphysema imaging radiology CTscan