Coronary Artery CTA Diagnostic Accuracy

  • high diagnostic accuracy, often equivalent to the gold standard of ICA.
    • requires thin detector collimation (detector width of 0.625 or less), thin slice reconstruction (image thickness ≤1.0 mm)
    • cardiac gating (often requiring
    • beta blockers for ideal heart rate).
    • Coronary CTA provides unparalleled spatial resolution compared to other non-invasive modalities.
      The accuracy and reliability of corona

References 1- 3 noted stenosis of equal or greater than 50% with high sensitivity (85% to 99%) and high negative predictive value (NPV), ranging between 83% and 99% Meijboom , BudoffMiller,

Pundziute G, et al – 16 month follow up and found that the first year rate of MACE in patients with normal coronary arteries on coronary CTA was 0%.


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