Coronary CTA PROMISE Study

  • Background

    • 2015
    • How to deal with new onset stable chest pain
    • There was no no consensus
      • re  most appropriate diagnostic test to evaluate patients
  • Most patients received stress tests
    • stress – echo/SPECT/EKG
      • with limited accuracy
    • Hypothesis
      • initial anatomic testing  would result in superior long-term health outcome
        as compared to an initial functional testing strategy
  • Aim

    • Anatomical (CTA )vs Functional testing (Stress)
    • for
      • new-onset chest pain in patients
      • without known CAD
  • Method

    • 10,003 patients
  • Result

  • PROMISE Trial
    No difference in major outcomes MACE
    CTA vs Stress test
  • Conclusion

  • Relevance


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