Poetry My Dear Heart

My Dear Heart

Ashley Davidoff

Copyright 2009

Of all my children that I have grown up with

And who have been part of me for my life

all of whom I owe deep gratiude

For Life itself

For thinkingseeing doing loving and crying

For making sure tha my water is OK

That poisons do not run amok in me

Ridding me of my waste

Supporting me

protecting me

Allowing me to dance

and to sing

To run

To play ball

Allowing me to grow

Allowing me to give birth to new beings

How do I say this without being unfair to them

yet enabling my deep feeling of admiration and passion for you to be revealed

I have to single you out as my favorite

You have the asymmetric symmetry that makes you so interesting and intriguingYou have the male power in your left ventricle

And the female power of receptivity, compassion, and logical sense of modulation in your right ventricle

You have rhythm

You have grace

You have tenacity

You have simplicity

And extreme complexity