The Common Vein

What is The Common Vein?

The Common Vein is a web based educational project that explores complex issues by identifying the underlying principles and recurring patterns of the world around and in us.  The observation that the whole is bigger than the parts is seminal, and is a recurring pattern  from the atom to the universe.  Similarly universal is the conscious and unconscious need to pursue oneness, or new wholesome units.  In human biology the  most miraculous example of this, which is within the grasp of all human experience, is conception.Two cells meet and bond at the right place at the right time and a new life is created.

For Whom?

TCV makes the principles of life and biology accessible to anybody. It is designed with the belief that the complexities of life and biology in order (health ) and disorder (disease), have roots in simple principles. TCV lays down these foundation tenets in the opening pages, and then advances in step-wise fashion to complexity.


To promote not only learning, but also understanding and appreciation of nature, biology, medicine, art and culture within the context of basic pursuits of  wholesomeness .


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Why Common and Why Vein?

Common Principles