064H 50M Single Ventricle LTGA

has single ventricular physiology, a VSD, chronic hypoxemia from 80-85% on room air which is been refractory to supplementary oxygen.

atrial fibrillation which is symptomatic\ amiodarone 200 mg daily

Blood Pressure 116/70
Pulse 102
Respiratory Rate 16
Oxygen Saturation 99%?

Segmental Approach Single Ventricle

Right Atrium?




Coronary Sinus and Thebesian Valve

SVC entering RA


Triangular shaped Right Atrial Appendage and pectinate muscles

Pectinate Muscles


The Ventricles

Regarding the Ventricle

Seems like one large ventricle

and perhaps a smaller one on top… upstairs downstairs morphology = single ventricle

Wwere is the RV?

Connections – Atria