List of Case Studies of the Heart



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001H Probable Sarcoidosis LAE MR
002H Chloroquine Related Cardiomyopathy
003H Non Compaction CHF and Pacemaker
004H Non Compaction and Ischemic Heart Disease
005H Normal MRI with Measurements – 19 yr old
006H Cardiac Amyloidosis
007H Alcoholic Congestive Cardiomyopathy
008H Severe MAC and Aortic Annular Calcification
009H MAC Dextrocardia and Bacterial Endocarditis
010H MAC with Caseous Necrosis
011H Calcific Pericarditis
012H Sarcoidosis Pericardium Myocardium and Lung
013H Mixed Collagen Disease  Cardiomyopathy Subendocardial LGE
014H 87M with Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis
015H 60M with Congenital Pulmonary Stenosis
016H 57M Sarcoid, Heart, Liver Lymph Nodes, Neg Chest
017H 34M Sarcoid, Heart Block, Resolution ILD and Heart Block
018H 55 M Polysubstance Abuse Myocarditis, V Fib Arrest MRI
019H Apical Hypertrophic Disease CT CXR
020H 34M CRF Dilated Cardiomyopathy Diabetes Pancreatitis
021H Takotsubo Broken Heart
022H Asymmetric Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
023H Takotsubo Sarcoidosis and a Police Visit
024H CHF Kerley b CXR CT
025H Sickle Cell Disease  CHF Autosplenectomy Bone Disease
026H SLE Pulmonary Hypertension Libman Sacks
027H 80 M Tension PTX and Heart Position
028h 83fF Post MI Post Cath LV Contrast
029H Compressed RA Neg effect on RA Pressure
030H Interatrial Septal Lipoma Extending to SVC
031H Sarcoid Biventricular Infiltration A Fib
038Lu Amyloidosis Hilar Lymph Nodes Pericardium CAD
039H Dilated Cardiomyopathy Triangular Heart
040H Sickle Cell and CHF
041H Pericardial Fat Necrosis
042H CHF Kerley B and A Ground Glass
043H Interatrial Lipoma CT and MRI
044H Atrial Myxoma LAE and PAH
045H Calcified Atrial Myxoma LAE
046H LV Aneurysm
047H Acute MI Left Main Occlusion Batwing CXR
048H CXR Normal Bronchus to PA ratio
049H Early CHF CXR Equalization
049Hb CHF Cephalization in progress
050H CHF, CXR, and Interstitial Edema in progress
051H Sickle Cell CHF and Pulmonary Hypertension
052H 38M VSD
053H MVP MR calcified valve Carpentier ring
054H Scoliosis Difficult CXR Pulm HT and Septum Primum Bulge
049Lu TB Scrofula Lymphadenitis Bronchitis Pericarditis
055H LV Pseudoaneurysm with Hemopericardium
056H Cardiomyopathy ? Chloroquine
057H Bullet Wound VSD X 2 repaired
058H 64F LVH fat in septum pap neg coronary calcium
059H 44 Male Normal CT of the Heart
01A Polyarteritis Nodosa 34F coronaries carotids. SMA Celiac IMA renals
060H LV Apical Aneurysm with Clot Over 1 year
061H 71M RA thrombus saccular aneurysms
062H 78M PE RV pseudoaneurysm
063H MAC Infiltrating the Heart
064H 50M Single Ventricle LTGA
065H 55M LTGA 
066H Coarctation Bicuspid Aortic Valve CHF
067H Calcium score >2000
068H LV infero-basal aneurysm
069H Thyroid storm and VF arrest
070H 80M LV Diverticulum vs Pseudoaneurysm
071H 86M-Mitral Disease LAA-thrombus-CHF
072H 49M CAD CHF ground glass
073H 32M AVR calcified AS LVH
074H 55F-AVM LAD  incidental-finding
075H 45-AVR-TVR-ring-abscess-pseudoaneurysm
076 H64 F with Apical Hypertrophy
078H Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


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002MC  Pneumopericardium
003MC  Kartagener’s Syndrome
004MC  Polysplenia Syndrome
006MC  Mitral Stenosis


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