MPR images showing different degrees of coronary artery stenosis (yellow arrows): (A) normal RCA without any plaque or stenosis (CAD-RADS 0); (B) small calcified plaque in the proximal LAD with minimal luminal narrowing <25% (CAD-RADS 1); (C) calcified plaque in the proximal LAD with 25%–49% diameter stenosis (CAD-RADS 2); (D) semicircumferential calcified plaque in the proximal LAD with 50%–69% diameter stenosis (CAD-RADS 3); (E) non-calcified plaque in the proximal RCA with 70%–99% diameter stenosis (CAD-RADS 4); (F) total occlusion of proximal and mid LAD; calcified plaques above and beyond, it supports the diagnosis of chronic total occlusion (CAD-RADS 5). CAD-RADS, Coronary Artery Disease—Reporting and Data System; LAD, left anterior descending artery; MPR, multiplanar reconstruction; RCA, right coronary artery.
Association between cardiovascular risk factors and coronary artery disease assessed using CAD-RADS classification: a cross-sectional study in Romanian population
BMJ Open Volume 10 Issue 1