Left Ventricular Mass MRI LV

LV Mass and LV Mass Index

Left ventricular mass and left ventricular mass indexed to body surface area estimated by LV cavity dimension and wall thickness at end-diastole.

In a Nutshell

Mass: Normal  90 -100  gm/m2

  • Evaluation on short axis parallel to the true LV short axis
  • LV mass is measured at a single time point within the cardiac cycle (the standard is end-diastole)
  • single breath-hold removes respiratory artifact.
  • About 10 slices will cover the ventricle,
  • Simpson’s method (“stack of disks”)
  • calculated from the
    • product of the myocardial volume
      • difference between the epicardial and endocardial LV volumes by a semi-three dimensional data set
    • specific gravity of heart muscle (1.05 g/ml).
Diagrammatic representation of the LV with typical CMR short axis images obtained.
Myerson,S et al Assessment of Left Ventricular Mass by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
Hypertension Vol. 39, No. 3 2002

BSA Calculator 

Normal Values have such a wide range depending on sex age and race – Echo and MR measurement are fairly consistent

Females about 60 g/m2
Males about 70 g/m2

LV mass was significantly higher in males compared to females (mean ± SD of 53 ± 9 g/m2 vs 42 ± 7 g/m2). Petersen et al JCMR

Normal values of LV mass indexed to body surface area were found to be 70  (+/- 6-9 g/m2 in men and 61 (+/- 6 -8 g/m2 in women. Mizukoshi, showed echo and MR good correlation

Normal values of LV mass indexed to body surface area were found to be 60  (+/- 9 g/m2 in men and 49  (+/- 7 g/m2 in women). Fuchs EHJ CV Imaging

Reference Ranges & Partition Values for LV Mass Indexed To BSA (g/m2)
Female Male
Reference Range 43-95 49-115
Mildly Abnormal 96-108 116-131
Moderately Abnormal 109-121 132-148
Severely Abnormal ≥122 ≥149
Chuang, et al Manning CMR Reference Values for Left Ventricular Volumes, Mass and Ejection Fraction Using Computer-Aided Analysis: The Framingham Heart Study  JMRI


Mizukoshi, Left ventricular mass quantitation using single-phase cardiac magnetic resonance imaging.  1992 Jul 15;70(2):259-62.

Normal Values of Left Ventricular Mass Index Assessed
by Transthoracic Three-Dimensional


See Map of  Left Ventricle