To My Dear Heart,

Of all my children that have grown within me

Who have been part of me for my life

I owe deep gratitude

For my life itself


The members of the society of my body have all helped in their own way

Enabling me to think, see, do, work, help, love,

and cry

Making sure …

That my waters and electrolytes are OK

That poisons and bad bugs do not run amok in me

That I digest my nutrition and convert it ASAP to ATP

That I rid my waste

That I can move

With needed support

And protection

Allowing me to dance

and to sing

To create

To run

To play ball

Allowing me to grow

Allowing me to give life to new children

How do I say this without being unfair to all the parts that make me up?

To all who act in concert to make me who I am

And without whom I could not be.

I take you aside in confidence please!!

To tell you

Of my special deep feeling, adoration, and passion for you.

You have the asymmetric symmetry that makes you so interesting and intriguing

You have the male power in your left ventricle

And the female power of receptivity, compassion, and logical sense of modulation in your right ventricle

You have history, and culture

You abound in literature, poetry and music

You have rhythm

You have grace

You move and dance with such coordination

You have tenacity and bravery

You have simplicity

And extreme integrated complexity

You receive with grace

And you give with all your being

You have love and romance

You have primitive beats of music

You have heart

You have soul

You have it all…. My dear heart

God bless you and all the parts that make me up!