Heart Shaped Leaves of the Linden Tree
The heart shaped leaf of the Linden tree is derived from a photograph taken in Bergen Norway. The leaf had fallen on a transparent roof and a few drops of water were trapped on its surface. It reminded me of a tearful end of a romance with tears caught in the heart of the saddened lover.
Ashley Davidoff


Heart Shaped Leaves of Love Lost
The art piece shows two heart-shaped leaves (left) of a Linden tree in Norway at lovers’ odds, with tears streaming down their bodies, a bleeding heart (say no more) and the worst – a black leaf – who has totally given up on love. The whole image reminds me of a “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. The thing about romance is that more often than not, it does not reflect basic love. Love of a child, parent, spouse friend, or animal has a deeper, more meaningful and more basic element of humanity and compassion that is open to all. Romance is sometimes a closed club.